Sport tourism

Dear ladies and gentlemen!


Czech tour company SMENA-tour

have the honor to propose you   


the following  SPORT and TOURIST  SERVICES:





with continuance from 7 to 90 days both for individual clients and for

COMMANDS (GROUPS) with number of participants from 6 to 45 persons,


of any occupational level and any age

(including people with restricted physical capacity)

with location in the earliest health resort, in the wooded foothill of the Northern Czechia.

The time-honoured and smoothly running service.


We offer the MOST FAVOURABLE PROGRAMMES, including:

1. Excellent  golf play fields and equipment (9 and 18-hole play fields).

2. Bicycles for cycle-travels across Czechia and Germany.

3. Sports facilities for various sports (including football, hockey and other gaming sports, strength training, athletics and  single fights, etc.).

4. Duffel for camping trips and picnics (in the mountains, lakes and forests).

Name of service

Service cost  in Euro

Winter stadium rent (including rent of ice)

55-89 Euro/ 60 min.

(depends on weekday and time of day)

Football field rent

from 20 Euro/ 60 min.

Multifunctional gym rent

from 15 Euro/ 60 min.

Swimming-poll and sauna rent

from 57 Euro/ 60 min.

Transportation services:

   minibus (8 seats)

   bus (15 seats)

   bus (25 seats)

   bus (34 seats)

   bus (45 seats)

Waiting (idle time)


from 0,52 Euro/ km 

from 0,67 Euro/ km

from 0,93 Euro/ km

from 1,03 Euro/ km

from 1,19 Euro/ km

from 5,14 Euro/ km

Hotel accommodation in double and triple rooms with three meals daily (including ping-pong, billiard, darts, gym with 20 fitness machines)

from 31,30 Euro/ day

Hotel finnish sauna for 10 persons

from 12,04 Euro/ 60 min.

Staying programme in Czech Republic may include:

1. River cruises of various continuance in any time of day – in the navigation period (on the river Elba).

2. Trips to other countries of the Schengen zone.

3. Visiting of theatres, exhibitions, museums, breweries and many other things.

4. Booking cars for individual trips.

5. Riding (walks on horses).

According to your desire the course of sanatorium-and-spa treatment can be followed in one of the Teplice international health resorts.


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