Legal services

Registration No 77/9982 in the Moscow City Advocates’ Chamber Register

Dear Sir or Madam

I offer to provide you with efficient legal assistance and legal audit within the Russian and International Law.

I will be ultimate helpful in legal support of:

- Foreign trade transactions.
- Currency, credit relations and banking issues.
- Real estate transactions.
- Securities transactions.
- Investment issues (incl. foreign investment in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus).
- Bankruptcy issues (incl. cross-border bankruptcy).
- Corporate Law issues (opening of companies, their reorganization and liquidation, holding general meetings and meetings of the board of directors, M&A – mergers and acquisitions and others).
- Succession Law issues (acceptance of succession, mass of succession tracing, will contest and challenging of successor’s rights and others).
- Issues of party’s verification, invalidation of transactions and other issues of the Civil and Commercial Law.

I will also be highly efficient in procedural protection of your rights and interests in Russian state and commercial courts.

I render services in Russian, English and Czech languages.

My establishment:

I graduated with honors from the Moscow State University of Land Use Planning, majoring in Jurisprudence, and the Russian Foreign Trade Academy of the Ministry for Economic Development of Russia (also with honors), majoring in World Economy, Foreign Trade and English.

My establishment as a practicing professional took place in the period of Russian economic welfare and revival, and along with this – in the period of corporate raids, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, T-bills backslides, sphere of influence and property repartition, arbitration disputes, production reorientation, major investment project, etc.

Over the past 11 years I have obtained an invaluable experience in Law working for the investment, building and legal companies, state agencies, as well as over 7 years – in the banking sector, over the past 3,5 years of which – in the capacity of the Head of Corporate Business Legal Support Division for one of the biggest Russian banks belonging to the European Financial Group KBC (with head-office in Brussels, Belgium).

Due to diversification of my working areas, cooperation with the representatives from the different business sectors and state agencies, - both Russian residents and residents of other countries, - I have gained practical knowledge, skills and high professional reputation so that it enabled me to set up my private law practice in 2010, incl. in close collaboration with the highly qualified specialists in law, international relations, technology and other business sectors.

Nowadays my clients are Russian as well as European and American companies (from Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany and U.S.) doing their business with Russian companies and/or in the Russian market in the following industries:
- Transport and port-servicing (warehousing activities, loading operations, stevedoring, etc.).
- Customs tariff regulation.
- Agricultural sector.
- Metals production and engineering sectors.
- Telecommunications market.
- Investment and building activities.
- Insurance.
- Banking and other financial activities.
- Pharmaceuticals industry.
- Technology and different kind of services.

My customers are also natural persons (Russian citizens as well as citizens of other countries) with respect to making deals, debt collection, relief of civil liability, succession, challenging contracts and other transactions and other issues requiring qualified legal assistance. 

I am ready to take part in your project at any stage or dealing with your problem. 

Collaboration with me will be useful and fruitful for you and will contribute to your overall well-being.

Please feel free to contact me:

Tel.       +420 773 626 284 / 285
skype:   rodina2709, rondo555