The appeal to visitors of the site

Dear visitors of the site


The main goals Interregional Migrants Adaptation and Arrangement Association SMENA GSM set are the following:


1.    To draw the different state structures' attention to the vital problems of migrants.


2.    To investigate the causality of migratory processes and a role of migrants in a new inhabitancy.


3.    To promote by advisory information distribution the best assimilation of migrants in the various regions.


4.      To create the United Migrants Consultation and Adaptation Center.


5.     To inform objectively and credibly present and potential migrants on the processes occurring in the various regions.


6.     To represent, on basis of our own questionnaires and interviews, a full picture about position of migrants in the various regions.


7. To report on the prospects of development of the different regions and about opportunities of migrants arrangement in these regions.


The Administration of this site hopes for successful cooperation with each of our potential partners and simple visitors.


     Please, write to us! Your participation will render the invaluable help to many other people!